Sunday, June 9th The Summit Church will be worshiping with our church plant in Marshfield.  There will be no service at The Summit Church location on June 9!

Join us sundays at 10:20 am


If you are a first time visitor to The Summit Church, here are a few things that you might find when you visit with us.

We love to meet new folks and to have guests join us for worship.

We tend to dress on the more casual side while maintaining modesty and respect for the gathering of God’s people.

Our worship center doubles as fellowship space, so expect friendly conversation, coffee and snacks for 20-30 minutes prior to our worship service.

Our praise team exists to lead the church in worship – not to entertain or overpower with volume.  Our worship songs are a mix of old and new hymns and are chosen carefully to reflect Biblical truths and to honor Jesus Christ. 

We believe that the primary purpose of the worship service is to honor God.  We want to hear from Him, so we use the Bible, His written Word.  We pray from it, sing it and read it together.  The sermons are drawn solely from the Bible and are usually about 45 minutes long.

Children are a gift from the Lord.  All children are welcome in the worship service.  If you choose, there is childcare provided for ages 4 and under.  Please inform us of any allergies or special needs.

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